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The whole story is set in Ooty. Rex (Ramakrishnan) comes back to his family, which involves his father, senior sister Jennifer (Sandra Emi) and her better half David (Yashmith) and their lone little girl. Rex meets Bharathi (Leema Babu) and it was all consuming, instant adoration for him. After couple of starting mistakes, Bharathi additionally responds. At the point when Rex takes Bharathi to acquaint her with his relatives, they are in for a stun. While Bharathi is disturbed that nobody from Rex’s family tried to try and grin at her, take off alone tolerating their affection, the last is befuddled on the unconcerned disposition of his family.

In the interim, no sooner they leave after Bharathi visits them, David and his dad in-law kick the bucket in a mishap. A discouraged Jennifer alongside her little girl and Rex movements to their cottage in Kothagiri where they lived before. Major trouble becomes unavoidable when Jennifer begins encountering extraordinary things. Her past offenses make up for lost time with her where her little girl is controlled by a soul. Whatever is left of the thriller is about who’s the phantom and why does it frequent Jennifer, and whether Rex and Bharathi join at last.

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