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The Tamil adaptation of the well known TV reality indicate Bigg Boss is good to go to be debuted on 25 June amid the prime schedule opening on Vijay Television (Star Vijay). Also, Tamil genius Kamal Haasan tying down the show has made it a lucrative exhibition as of now. This is the main portion of Bigg Boss’ Tamil symbol and henceforth the energy related with it among the Tamil gathering of people is out and out various.

Kamal Haasan has been truly energetic about Salman’s disposition on the show and needs to accomplish something on the comparative grounds. Addressing News18, Haasan stated, “Salman really bonds with the challengers on Bigg Boss. Being cordial falls into place without any issues for him. Furthermore, he gives guidance as a companion, not as a coach. I’d additionally jump at the chance to bond truly with the candidates, however how it goes will depend altogether on how they see me, as a companion or as a coach.”

August First Week Bigg Boss Full Episodes Here

Presently, the house is prepared for the genuine shoot. On 23 June, the big names will’s identity partaking in the show, have involved the space. The members were completely checked and let inside. The names of the members haven’t been uncovered starting at yet, reports TOI.

The show will air at 9 pm on weekdays and 8.30 pm on ends of the week.

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August First Week Bigg Boss Full Episodes Here

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