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Sathura Adi 3500 has a phantom which threatens different characters. It has a persistent cop, who won’t rest until the point that he settles the case he has been given. It has a sentimental track including a poor repairman and a well-to-do young lady. It has several yesteryear on-screen characters who put in kind of visitor appearances. It has a bundle of humorists, who have been clever in many movies. It has numerous unexpectedly amusing scenes. It even has a thing number!

Since we have drilled down what the film has, it is quite reasonable to disclose to you what all it needs.

To begin with, the film does not have an appropriate content. Next, it does not have a legend who can act out at any rate in two or three scenes. Its “drama” scenes need silliness. Its “repulsiveness” scenes need even a touch of fear. Its on-screen characters need energy, and even the seniors telephone in an execution only for the compensation check. It needs great music. It needs great visuals. It does not have the essential excite that a film including a murder, an apparition and an examination ought to have. It needs compassion — for the poor group of onlookers who may purchase a ticket for the film in the expectations of having a decent time.

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