Naalu Peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvum Thappilla Movie – HD

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Prabhu (Debutante Prabhu) is the child of a legit cop who has quite recently lost his senior sibling in a mishap. He is frustrated by his dad’s basic life and sets his eyes on profiting to go to Malaysia. His late sibling’s companions Anil (Karthikeyan), Sridhar (Evansri) and Johnny (Jagadeesh ) bait him into a progression of little time violations and in one such episode when Prabhu is given the employment of securely conveying plundered cash of 5Lakhs he loses it. The posse gives him one week to restore the cash or face desperate outcomes. The apprehensive Prabhu, in the wake of avoiding their sights for a long time thinks of an arrangement to gain by the fellowship his father has with an extremely rich person and what occurs next is whatever is left of the screenplay.

Cast : Karthik

Executive : Dinesh Selvaraj

Kind : Action

Year Released : 2017

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