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Rathna Kumar has endeavored a silly interpretation of current uneven love weighed down with cleverness, with a solid undercurrent of fellowship which appears to be a blended pack at last.

Idhayam Murali (Vaibav) supposed in light of the fact that like his acclaimed namesake performing artist, he sided love for S. Madumitha (Priya Bhavani Shankar). At the point when the young lady gets drew in to an American Mappillaiyai, Murali advises his companions (Vivek Prasanna and Arun Prasad) that he will end his life which is the thing that he more often than not does when alcoholic. The companions needing to put a conclusion to the torment approach the young lady and request that her address him and affront him with the goal that he would overlook her. In any case, the arrangement fizzles offering ascend to a couple of funny and an equivalent number of imagined successions that prompt a peak whether the kid and young lady get together or not. There is an all the more intriguing subplot including the saint’s sister Sudar (Indhuja) in adoration with her sibling’s companion Vinod (Vivek Prasanna) hating the way that he too thinks of her as his sister.

Vaibav,one of the most flexible and under utilized an on-screen character in Kollywood hands over another awesome execution after his scene stealng one in ‘Chennai 600028 2’. His comic planning is impeccable and he props it up all through the film. Similarly, he is additionally in top frame in the enthusiastic scenes, particularly in the healing center when he understood that his companions had tricked him into trusting his young lady as an awful individual. Reminiscent of a more youthful Revathi, Priya Bhavani Shankar makes a great introduction furthermore her looks she likewise appears to groups all the correct articulations for a long remain in Kollywood. Vivek Prasanna seen for the most part in contemptible parts so far gives a remarkable execution as the steadfast companion and an impossible darling. He likewise spares the watcher from an extremely moist peak Bravo! Indhuja as the torch sister Sudar is an a colossally capable young lady who eclipses everybody in every one of her scenes. Arun Prasath and Amrutha Srinivasan as the saint and courageous woman’s companions individually, are the other detectable entertainer while the theory mouthing young man in the carport is a shout.

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