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The sacks having a place with a young fellow going to part ways with his darling, two blundering crooks arranging a bomb impact, a man circling fake cash, and a couple paying payment to spare their little girl get stirred up prompting so much perplexity.

Audit: Hara Mahadevaki stands consistent with its claim of being a grown-up comic drama film, as in the satire here includes a couple of two-sided sayings and tight chokes. In any case, take those away, and the film feels the same as the thoughtless comedies that we have been seeing recently. It even has what gives off an impression of being the principal prerequisite of a Tamil satire film nowadays — Rajendran singing in his sandpapery voice!

The commence — including twelve characters and about six packs that look the same — as the potential for a foolish drama. Hari (Gautham Karthik) and Ramya (Nikki Galrani) are a couple separating chooses to restore the things they had talented each other; a government official (Ravi Maria) plots a bomb impact to acquire sensitivity and contracts two blundering lawbreakers (Rajendran and Karunakaran); a fraudster (Bala Saravanan) tries to win some speedy gobs of cash by circling counterfeit money; a tyke disappears in a resort and a cop (RK Suresh) tries to get the criminal who has left with the payoff cash. Everybody winds up in the resort and crap hits the fan when their packs, which all appear to be identical,

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